About us

The idea:

The original concept came about in 2012 during a meeting with the owner of a local family business, and more specifically, the timing of when they would be handing over the reigns to their children…to which there was an emphatic “I have absolutely no desire to do that yet” response, and the idea was born.

On further reflection of the idea, Steve Perry, our founder, realised just how wide-spread and deeply rooted some of the issues were around the UK’s over 50’s.

- A lifetime of work but insufficient funds for retirement
- A need for social and intellectual stimulus in a work environment
- The world has an ageing population with a wealth of talent that is currently going to waste
- Common perceptions of being too old for the job despite all the right skills and experiences

Underpinning these issues was the recognition that there was no single point of reference where older people who want to work, can be found by potential employers or busy households without an agency commission being paid by someone.

Approaching retirement age himself, Steve knew that just because people are over the age of 50, it didn’t mean they were on the scrap heap as they have a wealth of knowledge, experience and life-lessons to offer. What’s more, they frequently come with a refreshingly positive ‘can-do’ work ethic.  

The solution: 

We created the UK’s only free, dedicated online platform designed to release the potential of this untapped talent pool. Our site is secure, simple to use and totally free which connects the needs of households and businesses looking to hire help, with the capabilities and desire to work from the UK’s over 50’s, from a few hours a week to seasonal, part-time or full-time hours.

We’ve come along way since the idea was first conceived:

- Over 22,000 members across the UK 
- We have the largest single database of over 50s seeking work 
- We have a nationally recognised and highly respected brand 
- Crucially, every month our members are finding work

So what next: 

In September 2016, we launched the UK's first portal for over 50's Jobs. A unique arena where employers can advertise jobs secure in the knowledge that the only applicants will be from our over 50s membership. Within weeks, many national employers were choosing to advertise local jobs to our local over 50s.

In June 2017, No Desire To Retire will complete a major system update which will make us part of the biggest syndicated job board system in the UK. We expect that employment agencies all over the UK will soon choose to promote their roles via our website.

Our aim is to continue building the No Desire To Retire brand to ensure it becomes synonymous in the UK and across the globe for championing a sense of change, challenging perceptions of age in the work place and creating work opportunities for the over 50’s talent pool.

If like us and believe you ‘get better with age’ then join our growing community today.


Steve Perry - Founder

Some of the companies proud to be working with us: