Why join No Desire To Retire?

nodesiretoretire.com is the UK’s only FREE website dedicated to helping over 50s find employment. It only takes a few minutes to get yourself visible online to employers searching for people just like you, and there are no restrictions on skills or upper age limits. By creating your profile on No Desire To Retire, you can;

  • Showcase up to 5 specific skills you would like to be found for
  • Communicate directly with employers who search our site
  • Search our latest jobs page for vacancies across the UK
  • Receive job alert emails notifying you of vacancies in your area

In a nutshell, join No Desire To Retire to get listed, get found and get working…for FREE!

We like skills...

We like eye-catching and creative skills, such as graphic design, floristry, copywriting and photography. We like at the coalface, helpful and caring skills, such as retail, customer service, cooking, and nursing. We like quirky and obscure skills, such as poltergeist eradicating, games mastery and chimney sweeping. We like precision, attention to detail skills, such as engineering, accounting, administration and chemistry.

Fact is, we like all sorts of skills at No Desire To Retire - as do the employers who use our website to hire over 50s. Join us today, list your skills, and see who needs your experience for their business.

Meet our founder, Steve Perry

Some of the companies proud to be working with us: