About us

The original concept came about in 2012 during a meeting with the owner of a local family business about when they would be handing over the reigns to their children to which there was an emphatic reply “I have absolutely no desire to retire”, and the idea was born.

It’s simple really – many people over 50 have no desire to retire.  Our Members want to keep working to supplement their savings, keep working as they are going to live a lot longer than previous generations and keep working to share the benefit of their experience.

For employers, hiring from the #Over50sTalent pool means you can hire someone experienced, hire someone loyal, reduce employee turnover and reap the benefits from having multi-generational teams in your workplace.

Sadly the over 50’s job applicants are discriminated against in applying for jobs so since 2012 we have provided this destination where they can search for jobs secure in the knowledge that every Employer who recruits from NoDesireToRetire is looking for an experienced hire.

We’ve come a long way since the idea was first conceived:

    - Over 25,000 members across the UK

    - The largest single database of over 50s seeking work

    - A nationally recognised and highly respected brand, working on behalf of older people

    - Crucially, every month our Members are finding work

There is a wealth of #Over50sTalent in the UK.  Join us now if you are looking for work, looking to  hire  from our experienced pool of members or want work with us to be part of our journey going forward. 


Natasha - CEO

Steve - Older Workers Champion
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