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As the leading over 50’s job board, we are excited to have partnered with City CV, award-winning CV writing and coaching consultancy, to offer our members high quality, professionally written CVs and LinkedIn profiles, interview training and career coaching. In today’s competitive market, it’s vital that you articulate your value and expertise into a compelling story on-paper, on-line and in-person. Find out more at and read some quick tips below. 

Top 10 Tips For older Workers

CV Tips For over 50's

1. Dates

Current practice in the UK is to exclude your date of birth from your CV. CVs have evolved and your CV is purely about marketing - demonstrating you are the best fit for the job - age is irrelevant. The same goes for the dates you graduated or left school.

2. Keywords

Most recruiters, job boards and companies use computer software (Applicant Tracking Systems – ATS) to screen CVs. Research the most relevant words and phrases for your target role and be sure to strategically place them throughout your CV. Key word breadth and density is essential to beat these ATS. 

3. Stick to two pages

With a long, illustrious career it’s difficult to squeeze all your achievements and skills into two pages. Be ruthless - it is imperative that your CV is concise to ensure you hold the interest of the recruiter and make it to the interview shortlist.

4. Recent focus

With potentially 30+ years of experience and only two pages to work with, focus only on relevant achievements over the last 10-15 years.

5. Compress earlier career

Summarise your wider career in a separate ‘Earlier Career’ section – you don’t need to include dates here if you don’t want to but do remember that showing dates can demonstrate your level of seniority and experience.

6. No photo

Current guidelines dictate that you don’t include a photo for a CV in the UK. What you look like doesn’t affect your ability to do an amazing job.

7. LinkedIn

Show that you keep up with the times and include your LinkedIn URL alongside your email address.

8. Format

Ensure your CV looks clean, fresh and modern by choosing a clean, contemporary format, layout and font.

9. Latest skillset

Include training or projects that demonstrate your knowledge of new technologies and ideas.

10. Language

Use words that demonstrate your energy, enthusiasm and adaptability to change. 

LinkedIn Tips For Over 50's

1. Relax

Get comfortable using LinkedIn to propel your job search forward. 90% of recruiters use it to find or vet candidates. 

2. Research

Do your homework and identify the keywords that recruiters are likely to use to search and find a ‘you’ on LinkedIn. Increase your searchability / accessibility and use powerful keywords throughout your profile.

3. Headline

On LinkedIn this defaults to your current job title and employer – most uninspiring! Don’t forget to edit this. Use all 120 characters and pack it full of key words that show your value and energy. Check out mine for inspiration: 

4. Photo

A picture speaks 1000 words. Invest in a high quality, professional headshot, smile into the camera – corporate attire and a plain background. Do not use a personal photo with family, dog, holiday etc.

5. It’s all about you

Don’t skip the ‘About’ section. Use all 2000 characters and create a narrative that provides a compelling snapshot of your career. Don’t copy and paste your CV. 

6. Connect

Boost your professional network by re-connecting with as many former colleagues as possible – even if you haven’t seen them in years, LinkedIn is a great way to get back in touch. Always include a personal message. 

7. Get active

Read and review your contacts’ activity and share, react and comment. LinkedIn likes you to be active on their platform. The more you do, the more visible you become.  

8. Extras

Use every section of LinkedIn to improve your keyword density and breadth. Show your broad life experience and interests by including voluntary work and professional interests.

9. Be an expert

Publish keyword-rich articles, media, presentations, videos and blogs that showcase your expertise and enhance your personal brand.

10. Learn

You’re never too old to expand your capabilities so use ‘LinkedIn Learning’ as a tool to keep up to date with emerging trends, develop new skills and join networking groups.

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